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Why do we sneeze?

Sneezing helps us reboot our body.

Is it better to run without shoes?

With the London Olympics fast approaching we have a few tips to assist your athletic performance.

Beer: the cold case of the sinking bubbles

Irish scientists believe it’s all in the glass.

Did you know that on September 3rd, we celebrate the International Bacon Day. Image: Shutterstock

Why does bacon sometimes have greenish colour?

Mystery of the green bacon solved.

Does cutlery affect the flavour of food?

Some food for thought when preparing your next dinner party.

The after life of a whale

A whale has in interesting after life, as it feeds some deep ocean species. Check out this video directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman.

What are the odds of ‘rock paper scissors’ ending in a draw?

They are much higher than you might think.

Could eating chocolate kill your dog?

Dogs and chocolate have generally been labelled as a bad combination, however the amount of chocolate needed to cause serious effects in canines may surprise dog owners.

Can humans sneeze while sleeping?

We don’t sneeze when we are sleeping, thanks to our brains and our location.

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