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Mysterious bleaching

The smooth coral flower (Eusmilia fastigiata) usually varies in colour from shades of yellow-grey to brown with blue-green tinting and white tentacles, but this particular specimen found on a reef in the Caribbean…

The human immune system in action

Scanning electron microscope technology reveals the image of scavenger cell engulfing tuberculosis bacteria.

Dangerous salmonella discovered

Scientists have discovered hypervirulent salmonella bacteria.

Baby Weedy Seadragons

Sydney Aquarium’s four baby Weedy Seadragons made their debut this week.

As hard as a diamond?

  Ceramic could be the next supermaterial.

A view from above: Australian Outback

  Astronaut and World Wide Fund for Nature ambassador André Kuipers took this picture of the Australian Outback in March 2012. It was release during Earth Hour to raise awareness about climate change.  

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