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How the cheetah gets its spots

There may be a big difference in size, but cheetahs and tabby cats have things in common.

Why do whales and humans have such long menopause?

Long menopause allows killer whales to care for sons.

How accurate are the weather models that predict thunderstorms?

The forecast is sunny, but there’s a slight chance of chaos.

Why are some enzymes so promiscuous?

Enzymes are meant to be specific, right?

How do astronauts sleep in space?

After a long day’s work, you’re ready for a good night’s sleep. But it’s a little different if you’re weightless.

What happens when we get sunburnt?

Turns out this painful process is an immune response to radiation.

Why do some snails float?

In the case of the snail, the eggs came first.

Do all vampires have fangs?

A trip to the Deep Oceans exhibition at the Australian Museum changed our perspective on these alleged neck nibblers.

Did you know that on September 3rd, we celebrate the International Bacon Day. Image: Shutterstock

Why does bacon sometimes have greenish colour?

Mystery of the green bacon solved.

Is there carbon on Mars?

New research proves that Mars can produce organic carbon.

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