National Science Week is over – wasn’t it great!

Credit: National Science Week

National Science Week 2021 ran from 14 to 24 August, with this year’s festival incorporating thousands of events around Australia on science subjects as diverse as health, sport, technology, Indigenous health, farming, food, education, and of course climate and the planet’s future.

This article detailed the events prior to the week: hope you enjoyed it – see you next year!

For example, how to feed 10 billion people on a planet increasingly affected by climate change? National Science Week will allow the public to ask one of the hundreds of Australian scientists working on solutions. For instance: 

  • Getting our protein from edible insects – Kim Johnson (Melbourne). 
  • Improving food crops grown in hostile soils – Peter Ryan (Canberra). 
  • Making self-fertilising legumes – Ulrike Mathesius (Canberra). 
  • Making nitrogen nutrition in plants less expensive – Brent Kaiser (Brisbane). 
  • Plants for good guts and industrial hemp – Rachel Burton (Adelaide) 
  • Adapting rice, wheat and other crops to cope with more frequent flooding due to climate change – Timothy Colmer (Perth). 

And in ocean health, during National Science Week researchers from around the country will explore critical aspects of the seas that girt our home from the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Australian Bight. 

You can see events here:

If you want to be involved, or create an event of your own, the National Science Week website tells you all you need to know.

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