It’s Frog ID week – here’s how you can help


More than 240 frog species are under threat from climate change, bushfires, floods, habitat loss and degradation,  and disease. You can help save them by taking part in the fourth annual FrogID Week, 12-21 November 2021.

“We need an army of citizen scientists to get on board this November and help us to help our frogs,” says Dr Jodi Rowley, Lead Scientist for FrogID, and Curator of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Biology at the Australian Museum and UNSW Sydney (The University of NSW).

The Australian Museum’s FrogID citizen science project allows everyone to play an important role in understanding and monitoring Australia’s frogs. Using a free mobile phone app, you simply record the sounds of frog calls and upload the audio for the Australian Museum’s research team to assess and add to the growing understanding of how frogs are coping against a myriad of threats.

In less than four years, more than 460,000 records of 205 different frog species have been verified and made available to scientists, land-managers and the public thanks to tens of thousands of Australians participating in FrogID.

“Our frogs are suffering – they are sensitive to environmental change and this year they are dying in large numbers,” Dr Rowley said. “We need the help of people all over Australia to record frog calls so we can understand the health of our frog populations across the country. We are missing even basic information on frogs- there are areas in Australia that have no scientific records of frogs, even though they are there. We need everyone recording calls in their backyards, in bushland, in paddocks, around dams, in remote outback areas, in rainforests, on mountain slopes and on farmland,” she said.

How does FrogID work?
Every species of frog makes a unique call – it’s their way of attracting a mate. In order to mate, most frogs need water. So, if there’s water, there’s usually frogs calling. In November each year, most parts of Australia will hear frog calls.

You simply use the FrogID app to record the sound of a frog call and submit it using your mobile phone. Every audio recording of a frog call submitted to FrogID is identified by a species expert at the Australian Museum. These records not only increase our understanding of the true distribution of Australia’s frog species, but they also reveal what breeding conditions different frog species need.

How to take part in FrogID Week:
To be involved in FrogID Week, download the free FrogID app and record frog calls from your backyards, dams, and bushland, as often as you can during the period 12-21 November and beyond.

FrogID allows us to record frogs safely with minimised disturbance to frogs and their habitat. It’s important to clean and disinfect footwear between habitats, to avoid spreading frog germs.

You never know – you might help discover the next Australian frog species.

There’s also a competition for the “Top Frogger.” Record and submit the most frog calls during FrogID Week and you could win a prize pack from Vegepod and Australian Geographic.

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