Black hole caught committing murder

  Most homicide cases involve finding the murderer, but this is the first time NASA have been able to identify a stellar homicide victim.

Powering a moon base

Thermal energy could be the key to powering a futuristic moon base.

Observing the Sun

  The European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the Solar Orbiter mission in 2017. It will investigate the connections between the Sun and the heliosphere, the magnetic bubble that surrounds our solar system….

Tiny spherules reveal asteroid impact history

More asteroids hit Earth billion of years ago than we thought.

Red giants’ weight loss trick

These old stars don’t need diets, they use stellar winds to lose weight instead.

A view from above: Australian Outback

  Astronaut and World Wide Fund for Nature ambassador André Kuipers took this picture of the Australian Outback in March 2012. It was release during Earth Hour to raise awareness about climate change.  

A view from above: Melbourne

This image of the capital city of the state of Victoria was captured by astronaut André Kuipers from the International Space Station. Melbourne was founded in 1835, and today its metropolitan area is…

Sounds from outer space

Humans would sound like bass Smurfs if they travelled to Venus.

Rethinking the origin of the Moon

The great impact hypothesis may not be right.

The Discovery of a powerful Black Hole Hurricane

Twenty-eight thousand light years away from Earth, towards the centre of the Milky Way, an unexpectedly mighty hurricane blows around a tiny black hole.

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