Dreaming of Mars, part 1

Since the 1960s, humans have been tested in preparation for a journey to Mars. Subjects have been crammed into sealed steel containers of only a few square metres, with minimal water, food and…

Star ejects bubble of gas

Near the North Celestial Pole, in the constellation of Camelopardalis (The Giraffe), a star shines. The celestial body is a prime example of a carbon star (it contains more carbon than oxygen), but…

Telescope buried in Antarctic ice

Scientists are using a giant block of ice to detect neutrinos.

Space-travelling worms live longer

Spaceflight may extend the lifespan of worms, found researchers after conducting experiments on ageing.

Scientists baffled over disappearing stardust

Disappearing stardust challenges theories of how planets form.

Fashion from the stars

Live from the ultimate robot competition

While this cute “╦ťastrodog’ was posing, 11 teams of engineers from across the US were trying to develop the next generation of robots at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. The new autonomous…

A view from above

Clue to lunar soil’s odd behaviour

Scientists have found nanoparticles inside moon bubbles. 

Magnificent Vesta

A new video from NASA shows Vesta’s true colours. Vesta, according to data gathered by the Dawn mission, used to be an ancient planet; had it formed nearer to the Sun, it might…

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