Revisiting Otzi

The exhibition “20 years from Ötzi’s recovery” will be extended until 2013.

3,000-year-old tomb of female singer found in Egypt

Swiss archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a female singer dating back almost 3,000 years in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

World’s oldest evidence of deep sea fishing

Our regional ancestors mastered the art of deep sea fishing 42,000 years ago.

Climate change may have wiped out the Greenland Vikings

The Norse can teach us a lesson about failing to adapt to climate change.

Tutankhamun’s burial believed to be a rush job

The microbial growths in the pharaoh’s tomb suggest that he was buried in a hurry.

The secret lies beneath the collagen

Researchers form the University of York and the University of Manchester, UK, have extracted protein from the bones of a 600,000 year-old mammoth.

Scientists unearth one of the oldest brains in Britain

Scientists have discovered remnants of brain tissue in the skull of an Iron-age man.

New fossil discovered in China

Researchers from the universities of Oxford and Leicester, in the UK, and from Yunnan University, China, discovered a well-preserved fossil that provides new information on primitive sea creatures and their evolution.

Is there a dinosaur in your fridge?

A new study published in the journal Fungal Genetics and Biology shows that this brownish mushroom has been around since the Cretaceous period.

Google Earth is being used to identify archaeological sites

If there aren’t any aerial photos of the sites you want to examine, you can now turn to Google Earth.

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