First complete look at a prehistoric penguin

A giant penguin fossil from New Zealand has been reconstructed after 35 years.

Solving the native species conundrum

Introduced species cannot remain eternally new in an ecosystem.

From a mouse to an elephant in 24 million generations

Since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, mammals have increased in size from small rodents to the Blue Whale, which can weigh up to 190 tonnes.

Nemo’s days are numbered

Ocean’s growing carbon dioxide levels may threaten coral fish

Sydney whales not bothered by whale watchers

Migrating humpback whales are more likely to stay breathing on the surface when vessels are around.

Fire regimes threaten mistletoe

Mistletoe in the Pilbara could be facing regional extinction.

Ask Us: How did tapirs evolve?

Tapirs have evolved over 50 millions years.

DNA barcodes reveal fish fraud and quack medicines

Species can now be fingerprinted using a snippet of their DNA.

Cane toads could be given a taste of their own medicine

The chemicals released by cane toads could be used to impede their invasion.

Eucalyptus species has nano properties

Eucalyptus macrocarpa is a gold mine for nanotechnology applications.

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