Are we hardwired to cooperate or bully?

Research into bullying sheds light on the evolution of human egalitarian societies.

Powerful punches come from the brain

The brain structures of karate experts reflect their punching ability.

Snake disease decoded

Three snakes have helped researchers decode a mysterious disease.

The singing lab mouse

Genetics help mice express themselves in song.

Climbing in the rain

Geckos are perfectly adapted for clinging to dry surfaces in rainforests and urban environments.

It’s a small world

Fixing a broken heart

A molecule that turns stem cells into heart cells could be the answer.

Animals would trump Olympic athletes

If animals were allowed to compete in the Olympics, we wouldn’t really stand much of a chance.

Old termites go on suicide missions

Termites seem to have developed an explosive strategy for warfare.

Men are people, women are body parts

Our brains process images of men and women differently.

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