Male peacocks, not just a pretty display

When male peacocks display their feathery plumage they are also having infrasonic conversations.

Brain power on whole new level

  Implantable fuel cells harvest energy from the brain.

New weapon against cane toads

A dose of their own poison could control these pests.

Tomato genome sequenced

Breeding for appearance may lead to a sacrifice in flavour.

Octopus focus on key features for camouflage

Effective camouflage technique give octopi an evolutionary advantage.

Genes tell plants when to flower

Colour variation speeds up evolution

Decades of data gathered by bird watchers and geneticists have helped confirm a 60-year-old theory of evolution.

Silk: the future of engineering

Silkworm cocoon inspires new technology for lightweight armour and cars.

Bigger isn’t always better — or faster

Lizard study reveals why cheetahs are the world’s fastest animal.

Glowing can be an effective camouflage

Small-eye pigmy sharks’ bellies shine to disguise them from predators.

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