It’s a small world

Torrent frog

Frogs inspire hearing aid idea

  Chinese Torrent frogs are able to communicate clearly, despite the background of crashing waterfalls.

Australian fish have high incidence of skin cancer too

Widespread skin cancer has been identified in coral trout species in the Great Barrier Reef.

Climate change and the modern polar bear

Polar bear evolution holds clues for past climate change events.

BPA causes interspecies mating

The hormone-disrupting chemical makes it hard for fish to recognise their own species.

Saving the microbats

 Urbanisation could contribute to the demise of microbats, one of nature’s forgotten superheros.

El Niño to blame for ancient reef collapse

Ancient reef foretells the possible fate of modern coral reef ecosystems.

Elephantnose fish don’t just have unusual noses

Scientists have found that elephantnose fish have excellent vision due to the unique structure of their retina.

New weapon against cane toads

A dose of their own poison could control these pests.

The Top End in storm season

In the Top End, you’re never really alone. The red dust and open roads speak of a uniquely Australian brand of isolation; but it only takes a moment’s pause to hear the roar…

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