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Back on their feet

Robotic limbs may provide mobility to paraplegics or augment the strength and endurance of nurses, firefighters and soldiers. Science writer Henrik Bendix explores some of the exoskeleton options that are being developed. Additional…

In times of Transit

We’re often told that an event or offer is a “˜once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity, something not  to be missed; and usually that’s just hyperbole. But on June 6 we’ll witness an astronomical event that is…

The Top End in storm season

In the Top End, you’re never really alone. The red dust and open roads speak of a uniquely Australian brand of isolation; but it only takes a moment’s pause to hear the roar…

Uncovering the secrets of the universe

One of the best observatories in the Southern Hemisphere works night and day to provide us with a better understanding of the universe — and now it could be host to the SKA,…

Discovering Australia’s own sea turtle

Understanding the Flatback turtle requieres more than your average conservation program.

The robots are coming

A new generation of robots is shaping the way in which we perceive technology. Are we ready to work with them?

I will survive

Devil Ark is a new initiative that might save the Tasmanian devil. Will they get rid of the infamous DFTD? Will they stop extinction?

From the archives: Test-tube babies

The first test-tube baby, Louise Joy Brown, was born in 1978.

Ancient Sumerians may not have consumed beer

Were they really the world’s first brewers?

From the archives: The bombing of Darwin

Seventy years ago the droning of aircraft could be heard above Darwin.

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