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Is there any recent advanced technology for the treatment of bronchial asthma?

Asthma is mainly treated with drugs and complemetary therapies, but another option is to heat up the lungs.

Has Venice stopped sinking?

New research suggests it hasn’t.

Why is groundwater so important?

Groundwater is one of our most important natural resources.

How many subatomic particles exist?

There are two types of subatomic particles: elementary and composite particles.

Which animal’s DNA differs the most from human DNA?

Making a genetic comparison between species is almost impossible.

Do pacemakers work even after death?

The pacemaker does not take over from the heart; it merely helps to regulate the sequence and timing of your heartbeat.

Are computer chips made out of sand?

The small integrated circuits are usually built out of semiconducting materials such as quartz.

How does HDTV work?

The crisp, sharp images we see on digital televisions are the result of how the signal is broadcast, received and displayed.

Can humans sneeze while sleeping?

We don’t sneeze when we are sleeping, thanks to our brains and our location.

Ask Us: Why is it dangerous to heat water in the microwave?

Could your cup of coffee burn you?

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