Sea anemone venom as autoimmune disease treatment

A compound found in anemone venom could soon be the first line treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. 

Mischievous rodents the reason for tropical tree survival

Researchers have discovered a textbook example of plant-animal mutualism in Panama.

Wolverines not as invincible as the fictional character

A warmer climate could have devastating effects on the wolverines food supply.

6U CubeSat: Australia’s opportunity for a national space program

UNSW researchers have developed a new system design for a nano-satellite, which could lead the way into a sustainable Australian space program.

Why do shellfish change colour when cooked?

  The answer to this question lies in the breaking of specific chemical bonds by heat.

How altruistic are you?

People with more grey matter in a particular region of the brain are more likely to help others, researchers suggest.

Plenty of fish in the sea

Rotating cells allow animals to sense Earths’ magnetic fields

Scientists have discovered the elusive cells responsible for the sense of magnetoreception in trout noses.

Space-travelling worms live longer

Spaceflight may extend the lifespan of worms, found researchers after conducting experiments on ageing.

Gigantic seabirds once glided over the Australian coast

  Huge bony-toothed birds soared in the sky over Australia five million years ago, fossil evidence shows.

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