The Abel Tasman could start fishing for jack mackerel and redbait in Australian waters. Image: Shutterstock

Can Australia’s shores cope with a super trawler?

What do history and science tell us about the impacts of trawling.

Captivity and a vaccination may now be the only way to save this iconic animal. Image: Cloudia Newland/Shutterstock

Deadly devil disease is here to stay

The devil is apparently in the chromosomes.

Light and temperature trigger the loss of symbiotic algae (bleaching) in a nutrient-stressed staghorn coral. Image: University of Southampton

Corals can suffer from nutrient imbalance

Improving water quality could help save coral reefs.

An absence of wolves has affected the food chain in Yellowstone National Park. Image: Nature Pl

Top predators in crisis

In many places, the numbers of large predators have fallen by more than 90 per cent over the course of a few decades. Scientists are working feverishly to learn how this dearth of…


Snake disease decoded

Three snakes have helped researchers decode a mysterious disease.

Green lacewing adults feed on flowers. Image: Hock Ping Guek

New green lacewing discovered in Malaysia

A Malaysian amateur photographer, Guek Hock Ping, captured a beautiful green lacewing in early 2011. Before freeing it, he took some pictures that were uploaded to Flickr. When Shaun Winterton, an entomologist who…

This is a live oblong rocksnail from the Cahaba River. The freshwater snail was declared extinct in 2000 and was recently rediscovered by a PhD student. Image: Thomas Tarpley, ADCNR

Tiny snail believed extinct is rediscovered

The oblong rocksnail, declared extinct in 2000, has made a comeback.

Golden lion tamarind

Primates in the wild

A partially bleached coral head may offer some shelter. Image (c) Wolcott Henry 2005/Marine Photobank

Coral bleaching causes deadly competition among fish

Some fish turn aggressive when they have to share limited resources.

The wolverine relies on snow to refrigerate its food. Image: Shutterstock

Wolverines not as invincible as the fictional character

A warmer climate could have devastating effects on the wolverines food supply.

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