Geeky you, hipster me

Ten years ago, Explorer was the most popular browser. Today 14% of the market belongs to Chrome. Image: Shutterstock

The web browser you choose defines your personality. Are you a hipster, a geek or a conservative? Keep on reading to find out.

According to a survey published in the French newspaper LeMonde, 40% of Internet users choose Microsoft’s Explorer as their main browser. Explorer enthusiasts are considered the ultimate “online conservatives,” and base their decision on convenience, as the browser is installed in pretty much every PC (90%).

On the other hand, Firefox users are deemed to be “informed geeks”. Mozilla’s independent, privacy loving browser is also open source, which means developers can readily modify the browsing experience. Contrary to the black-box nature of most browsers, Firefox’s code is quite accessible.

Those who just can’t live without Google’s Chrome are considered “busy hipsters”. They are the creative twitterati and blogging crowd who look for a fast, reliable and distinctive looking browser–and they also get to “play” with Google+.
Lastly, those who use Apple’s Safari are “distinguished consumers” and they tend to crave for high-end technology.
Opera users where not surveyed…. Wait a second, is Opera still around? Yes, surprisingly, it is.
Source: Le Monde

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