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Kyung Soo Kim et al./Nature/ r. Anthony Romilio

This prehistoric croc was faster on two legs, despite having flat feet

Scientists have found evidence that crocodile ancestors walked on their hind legs – like a Tyrannosaurus rex. Modern crocodiles crawl forwards with four legs all to the sides, but 120 million years ago,…


Our ancestors hunted a Siberian unicorn

A prehistoric rhinoceros nicknamed the Siberian unicorn roamed the tundra when modern man arrived in the region, according to new research. The rhino with the Latin name of Elasmotherium sibiricum weighed more than…

The curious case of the shapeshifting dinosaurs

New research reveals that dinosaurs changed shape during their lives. This means that many dinosaurs, which have so far been considered to be different species, were actually just different growth stages of the…

Ichthyosaurs suffered from the bends

These ancient reptiles may have injured themselves during long deep-sea dives.

Clovis people weren’t alone

Oregon’s Paisley Caves are as old as Clovis sites, but were inhabited by a different group.

Out of Asia

A new primate fossil suggests that our distant ancestors evolved in Asia, not Africa.

Plants and fungi joined forces to colonise the world

Soil-dwelling fungi played a crucial role in plant evolution.

Ancient reptiles suffered from arthritis

Joint pain may be an age-old affair.

Australia’s newest predatory dinosaur

An anklebone fossil has revealed that the ceratosaurs called Australia home.

New clues for dinosaur extinction

New research suggests that some dinosaurs may have been slowly declining before they finally disappeared.

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