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Lorikeets rule as 4.6 million birds are counted in 7 days

The 2020 Aussie Backyard Bird Count achieves a record response for citizen-based science. Unprecedented numbers of people across Australia took part in BirdLife Australia‚Äôs popular 2020 Aussie Backyard Bird Count, which ran from…

Choosy females attracted to sleep deprived male sandpipers

Is beauty sleep overrated? For some bird species it is.

Gigantic seabirds once glided over the Australian coast

  Huge bony-toothed birds soared in the sky over Australia five million years ago, fossil evidence shows.

The moonwalking bird

A male manakin courting a female is an impressive sight.

Man-made noise affects plants and birds

  The daily din we generate may have more of an effect on the environment than we originally thought.

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