New hope for third-degree burn victims

The dermal templates were engineered at the laboratory of Abraham Strook, associate professor at Cornell University, US. The findings were published in the journal Biomaterials. Image: Shutterstock

A team of scientists has developed tissue grafts that promote vascular growth.

Made out of a biocompatible material called type 1 collagen, the dermal plates will reduce the need for surgeries and will accelerate the process of healing as they promote ingrowth within the vascular system. As quoted on the press release: “The grafts promote the ingrowth of a vascular system — the network of vessels that carry blood and circulate fluid through the body — to the wounded area by providing a template for growth of both the tissue (dermis, the deepest layer of skin), and the vessels. Type I collagen is biocompatible and contains no living cells itself, reducing concerns about immune system response and rejection of the template.”

The scientists also designed microchannels that allow the proper growth and absorption of the new tissue.

This tissue graft might put an end to the often-painful reconstructive surgeries that these patients have to endure. The team of researchers will continue working with the tissue graft and will develop a special polymer mesh to cover the wounds.

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