Alfred Wallace’s life and times

Science historian Dr John van Wyhe and his fellow researchers at the National University of Singapore have compiled the entire collection of Alfred Russel Wallace’s documented life and discoveries from his scientific travels. The memoir includes 28,000 pages of historical manuscripts and 22,000 magnificent illustrations. All these documents, published and unpublished, are now freely available on their website Wallace Online.

The Darwin connection

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This diary entry is one of the many records Wallace made throughout his scientific endeavours: NB The MSS. of my Paper sent to Darwin and printed in the Journal of the Linnean Society, was not returned to me, and seems to be lost. The proofs with the MSS. were perhaps sent to Sir Charles Lyell, or to the secretary of the Linn. Soc. & may some day be found. It was written on their foreign note paper. Alfred R. Wallace Image: Wallace Online

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