Gigantic seabirds once glided over the Australian coast

  Huge bony-toothed birds soared in the sky over Australia five million years ago, fossil evidence shows.

Stonehenge: symbol of unification?

Britain’s neolithic people pulled together to build this monument.

Eternal embrace

 The fossils found in Germany are the first known example of prehistoric sex.

Out of Asia

A new primate fossil suggests that our distant ancestors evolved in Asia, not Africa.

Ancient creature brought back to life with 3D model

A highly advanced computer model shows how an early tetrapod heaved itself out of primordial water.

What stalagmites tell us about climate change

Cave formations can act as prehistoric weather stations.

Plants and fungi joined forces to colonise the world

Soil-dwelling fungi played a crucial role in plant evolution.

Ancient reptiles suffered from arthritis

Joint pain may be an age-old affair.

Earliest Mayan calendar goes well beyond 2012

A small room in Xultún indicates that the Mayan calendar goes well beyond 2012.

Australia’s newest predatory dinosaur

An anklebone fossil has revealed that the ceratosaurs called Australia home.

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