The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia

An ancient assyrian wall carving. Image: Shutterstock/kated

Mesopotamia once occupied what is now modern Iraq, southeastern Syria and northeastern Turkey and played a major role in the development of human civilisation — the 60 second minute, writing and other inventions from this ancient civilisation are still shaping our lives thousands of years.

Featuring over 170 artefacts from the world famous Middle East collection of The British Museum, this exhibition will look at three of the great centres of Mesopotamia — Sumer, Assyria and Babylon — and the palaces, tombs, myths and legends of this culture.

When: until October 7, 2012
Where: Melbourne Museum (11 Nicholson St, Carlton, Sydney)
Admission: adults $24, children $14, concession $16, school groups $10 per student. Book online.

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