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Robots inspired by nature

Nature has often been a source of inspiration in film and literature, but more recently, engineers have gotten into the natural trend, designing robots inspired by wildlife. This development demonstrates how our surrounding…

Professor Simon Cox and his Lego-expert son, James, with the Iridis-Pi supercomputer made from Raspberry Pi and Lego. Image: Simon Cox

Making a supercomputer with Lego blocks and Raspberry Pi

Father and son developed a step-by-step guide on how to make your own supercomputer.

7,000 aircraft at any given time flying over the US sky. Image: Federal Aviation Administration

Air traffic worldwide

When you look up to the sky remember that at any given time there are between 9,000 and 13,000 aircraft in the air (according to the US Federal Aviation Agency, there are at…

Nico the robot looking at its reflection in the mirror. Image: Justin Hart/ Yale University

Robot learns to recognise itself in a mirror

Self-awareness is the next big step for thinking robots.

A comparison between a jellyfish and the silicone-based Medusoid. Image: Caltech/Janna Nawroth

Bioengineers developed an artificial jellyfish

Medusoid is the brainchild of professor Kevin Kit Parker and a team of researchers at the California Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Using silicone and muscle cells taken from a rat’s heart,…

The lizard tail has inspired a new robot. Image: Daniel Hilgert/Shutterstock

Meet RightingBot, the lizard inspired robot

A lizard-inspired robot has been developed; it has the ability to always land right side up.

Hybrid Assistive Limb. Image: Professor Sankai, University of Tsukuba/Cyberdine

Back on their feet

Robotic limbs may provide mobility to paraplegics or augment the strength and endurance of nurses, firefighters and soldiers. Science writer Henrik Bendix explores some of the exoskeleton options that are being developed. Additional…

Ocean pollution detected by robots

Robotic fish have been released in the waters of the port of Gijon, Spain, to detect marine pollution. The intelligent robotic fish developed by SHOAL, a European research project, is capable of detecting…

Patients with almost-complete body paralysis were able to reach and grasp objects with a robotic arm using only brain signals to direct the motion. Image: Shutterstock

Paralysed patients control robotic arm with their minds

Technology provides hope for paralysed patients to lead more independent lives.

The robots are coming? Image: Shutterstock

The robots are coming

A new generation of robots is shaping the way in which we perceive technology. Are we ready to work with them?

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