Some of the blueberries spotted by Opportunity, 200 metres north of Victoria Crater. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/U.S. Geological Survey

“Blueberries” could be key to Martian life

It’s unlikely that anything still lives on Mars today, but anything that was around millions or even billions of years ago might have left a few traces behind.

The barren polar desert landscape of Devon Island in northern Canada is quite similar to Mars. A small trial base has been established there. Image: Archive

A new era (Dreaming of Mars, part 3)

Setting up a permanent base on Mars may no longer be a dream. The plans are already there, we only need funding. Will we reach Mars by 2030?

Rovers will help us better understand the Red Planet. Image: NASA

Dreaming of Mars, part 2

When the Mariner 9 space probe entered into its orbit around Mars in November 1971, it was met with cheers from the control centre in California, in the US. The probe had been…

The BIOS-3 experiments showed the significance of exposing people to plants and animals. Image: Michael Daugaard

Dreaming of Mars, part 1

Since the 1960s, humans have been tested in preparation for a journey to Mars. Subjects have been crammed into sealed steel containers of only a few square metres, with minimal water, food and…

Astrodog reporting for duty. Image: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Live from the ultimate robot competition

While this cute “˜astrodog’ was posing, 11 teams of engineers from across the US were trying to develop the next generation of robots at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. The new autonomous…

The North Pole of Venus. Credit: SSV, MIPL, Magellan Team, NASA

Sounds from outer space

Humans would sound like bass Smurfs if they travelled to Venus.

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