Baby Kaiba seemed healthy, but when he was six weeks old, his parents were shocked to the core. The family was dining at a restaurant, when the little boy suddenly stopped breathing, and…

Good tonal qualities are essential for any violin. Image: Anton Balazh/Shutterstock

Fungi treatment produces Stradivarius-worthy sounds

A bit of fungi and a modern violin can sound like a Stradivarius.

Artist's impression of the laser-based sensor augmenting a Pitot tube. Credit: Sven Wittig

New lasers could prevent plane crashes

The laser light velocity sensors have been successfully tested in a high-speed wind tunnel.

Stem cells can differentiate into many diverse cell types including those that make up blood vessels. Image: Shutterstock

Making blood vessels from liposuction fat

Healthy blood vessels can now be grown from adult stem cells extracted during liposuction.

Artists rendition of a CubeSat orbiting Earth. Image: NASA/ Montana State University

6U CubeSat: Australia’s opportunity for a national space program

UNSW researchers have developed a new system design for a nano-satellite, which could lead the way into a sustainable Australian space program.

Eye movements can reveal if you are remembering something. Image: Edyta Pawlowska/Shutterstock

Our eyes reveal more than we think

When you’re talking to someone, you might ask them to try and remember what they had for breakfast two days ago. As they think back, their eye movements will increase.

A new bionic device uses the power of the brain. Image: Shutterstock

Brain power on whole new level

  Implantable fuel cells harvest energy from the brain.

Artist's impression of dishes that will make up the SKA radio telescope. Image: Swinburne Astronomy Productions/SKA Program Development Office.

Uncovering the secrets of the universe

One of the best observatories in the Southern Hemisphere works night and day to provide us with a better understanding of the universe — and now it could be host to the SKA,…

Artist rendition of the string theory. Image: R.T. Wohlstadter/Shutterstock

The power of string energy

Dr Henryk Frystaki talks about the universe, string theory and the GUT.  

Silkworm cocoons are extremely tough, resilient and light. Image: Shutterstock

Silk: the future of engineering

Silkworm cocoon inspires new technology for lightweight armour and cars.

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