The skeletons of Chinese pangolin (top) and Ernanodon antelios (bottom). Image: Manis "“ Wikimedia commons; Ernanodon © Peter Kondrashov.

Fossil find solves evolutionary debate

It’s hard to track down members of a family when many of them disappeared millions of years ago.

Artist rendition of Australian pelagornis in flight. Image: Peter Trusler/ Museum Victoria

Gigantic seabirds once glided over the Australian coast

  Huge bony-toothed birds soared in the sky over Australia five million years ago, fossil evidence shows.

Flesh reconstruction of the whole body of Ichthyostega. Image: Julia Molner

Ancient creature brought back to life with 3D model

A highly advanced computer model shows how an early tetrapod heaved itself out of primordial water.

Sauropods would have contributed as much as 520,000 million kilograms of greenhouse gasses to the Mesozoic atmosphere each year. Image: Shutterstock

Dinosaur farts could have contributed to global warming

Gaseous emissions from giant herbivores may have been enough to warm the Earth.

Velociraptor’s last meal

Velociraptors didn’t turn down free food.


The wondrous world of dinosaurs

Iridescent feathers were the ultimate social tool for non-avian dinosaurs such as Microraptor.  

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