Astronomers have assembled a new portrait of the stars. Image: NASA, ESA, G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (University of California, Santa Cruz), R. Bouwens (Leiden University), and the HUDF09 Team

Hubble looks deep into the Universe

We can now see further into the skies than ever before.

This single-celled beauty is the most abundant coccophore in the ocean. Image: PLoS Biology/ Wikimedia Commons

Armour-covered floating beauty

‘Ehux’ is a micro-organism vital to marine food chains — it is also visually mesmerising.


Beautiful wreckage left by a supernova explosion

  It is not a pencil. It is not a celestial quidditch broom. It is a beautiful nebula formed 11,000 years ago after the violent death of a star.

There are less than 3,000 tigers in the wild. Image: Shutterstock

Tigers on the brink of extinction

Tigers and humans try to coexist, but will we be able to save this endangered species?

Light and temperature trigger the loss of symbiotic algae (bleaching) in a nutrient-stressed staghorn coral. Image: University of Southampton

Corals can suffer from nutrient imbalance

Improving water quality could help save coral reefs.

The world's first eyeless huntsman spider in its original habitat. Credit: Senckenberg/Peter Jäger.

Eye of the spider…or not

A German scientist has discovered the world’s first eyeless huntsman spider.

Green lacewing adults feed on flowers. Image: Hock Ping Guek

New green lacewing discovered in Malaysia

A Malaysian amateur photographer, Guek Hock Ping, captured a beautiful green lacewing in early 2011. Before freeing it, he took some pictures that were uploaded to Flickr. When Shaun Winterton, an entomologist who…

High-resolution view of Venus against the Sun in Hydrogen Alpha light. Image: Peter Ward

Australian skies: David Malin Award

This image won the David Malin Award, a prestigious astrophotography contest organised by the Central West Astronomical Society. Astrophotographer David Malin declared “Melbourne Moon” the overall winner. Photographer Phil Hart captured this image…

The females protect their larva with nine antibacterial substances. Image: Johannes Kroiss and Martin Kaltenpoth, MPI for Chemical Ecology Journal

Beewolf larvae protected by antibacterial cocktail

  Beewolves are digger wasps that love to hunt bees, but that comes at a price: their prey may be infected with pathogens, a threat for the beewolf larvae. Because the young insects…

Viral capsid proteins with drug binding site in yellow. Image: University of Melbourne

First images of the common cold virus

Saving lives one 3D image at a time.

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